Collaborating with Pediatricians


The UrgiKids philosophy is based on the belief that all children should have a medical home, meaning a strong relationship with their pediatrician or other primary care physician.

We consider ourselves an extension of those relationships, not a replacement, and as such encourage you to consider/visit UrgiKids for any of the following:

  • a convenient alternative to the Emergency Department
  • an after-hours option when your pediatrician’s office is closed
  • services that are typically unavailable at the doctor’s office like X-rays, lab work, and procedures such as laceration repair or splinting

Because we work closely with pediatricians, you can expect prompt communication with your doctor just after your visit; your pediatrician will receive a copy of your child’s medical record, discharge instructions, and any relevant information such as test results or procedures that may have been carried out on-site.

We do not provide routine pediatric services such as physicals and immunizations because we believe those services should only be performed by your pediatrician.

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