Lab & X-Ray


Pediatric Urgent Care & Walk-In Clinic located in Naperville, IL

At UrgiKids, located in Naperville, Illinois, we know that you sometimes need lab results and X-rays fast! That’s why our practice is equipped with an on-site lab that uses the latest technology. You’ll find skilled radiology technicians and pediatric nurses who are always available to carry out procedures such as: X-rays, blood testing, urine testing, RSV/flu testing, and strep testing.

Lab & X-Ray Q & A


How do X-rays help doctors diagnose my child’s injury or illness?

X-rays produce images that show dense tissue inside your body, which helps doctors diagnose and treat your child. An X-ray machine sends electromagnetic radiation through the body. Dense tissue, such as bones, absorb more energy than soft tissue, such as your skin. Using a traditional X-ray machine, doctors can identify broken bones and visualize foreign objects that a child has swallowed.

Are X-rays read by radiologists?

UrgiKids has specialized pediatric urgent care physicians and radiology technicians that can perform and read x-rays on-site. X-rays are available within 30 min - 1 hour and can be used for diagnoses of pneumonia, broken bones, foreign bodies, etc. Parents can take a copy of their child’s X-rays, and we can forward results to a pediatrician.

What lab tests does UrgiKids offer with immediate results?

RSV Testing

Respiratory Syncytial Virus causes fever, runny nose, nasal congestion and often a wheezing cough. RSV can be diagnosed quickly in our on-site lab.

Flu Testing

A rapid flu test entails a simple nasopharyngeal cotton swab in your child's nose. Results are usually available within 15 minutes.

Mono Testing

A Monospot test can confirm a diagnosis of mononucleosis within an hour.

Strep Testing

Untreated, a strep throat can lead to serious health complications, so early diagnosis and treatment are essential. At UrgiKids, our on-site lab offers rapid strep test results in about 15 minutes. If test results are positive, your child will be prescribed antibiotics right away.


Urinary tract infections are extremely common among children, especially girls. But once diagnosed with a urinalysis, antibiotics are prescribed and are extremely effective.