Sick Visits


Pediatric Urgent Care & Walk-In Clinic located in Naperville, IL

When your child isn’t feeling well, waiting to see a doctor can feel like an eternity. Fevers tend to come on suddenly (especially in the evenings when your doctor’s office is closed!), and a busy pediatric practice may not be able to see your child immediately. UrgiKids, located in Naperville, Illinois, provides same-day sick visits for any of the following on a walk-in basis: coughs & colds, throat infections, ear infections, fevers, rashes, bug bites, allergic reactions, vomiting, diarrhea, and eye infections.

Sick Visits Q & A


Can my child be seen right away for an illness?

Yes. UrgiKids is committed to high-quality, specialized pediatric care for families seeking an immediate or after-hours option when a child is sick or injured.

Your child can be seen on the same day on a walk-in basis for many common childhood illnesses including:

Because UrgiKids has an on-site lab and state-of-the-art X-ray equipment, diagnosis and treatment is fast and efficient.

From the moment you walk through the door, you’re greeted by a friendly professional staff in a clean, inviting setting meant to ease tension and anxiety. At UrgiKids, the goal is to ensure an experienced emergency room pediatrician or urgent care doctor examines your child within 20 minutes.

Is the care coordinated with my child’s regular pediatrician?

At UrgiKids, we strongly believe that all children should have a medical home, meaning a strong relationship with their pediatrician or other primary care physician. UrgiKids is intended to serve you:

  • as a convenient alternative to the Emergency Department
  • as an after-hours option when pediatricians’ offices are closed
  • for services that are typically unavailable at the pediatrician’s office, such as X-rays, labs, and procedures like laceration repair and splinting

We consider ourselves an extension of your pediatrician or other primary doctor, not a replacement.

We aim to work closely with your pediatrician. After you leave, your pediatrician can expect to receive a copy of your child’s medical record, discharge instructions, and other results from tests or procedures performed during the visit.

UrgiKids does not provide preventive pediatric services such as physicals and routine immunizations, as we believe these services should only be performed by your pediatrician.

Is health insurance accepted for my child’s urgent care visit?

Yes. The cost of urgent care is generally in line with most doctor visits, but much less than ER care. Similarly, the insurance co-pay is likely to be lower than the ER. UrgiKids accepts most insurance policies and offers assistance with filing claims. For out-of-network visits, you’ll appreciate fixed and flexible pricing plans.